We Need You!

Mission Valley School Association (MVSA) needs volunteers!

MVSA Committees

MVSA Executive Board

The MVSA Executive Board is made up of elected officers including the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Executive Board has monthly meetings with the school principal, staff, and members. Major activities and events of the organization are discussed in the meetings. The Executive Board prepares recommendations to the membership on MVSA policy and fund allocations.

Budget Committee

This committee is responsible for reviewing the monthly bank statements to ensure that all transactions are appropriate, and for conducting an annual review of the MVSA financial records. This is a requirement for embezzlement insurance (bond coverage).

Communications and Website

Help MVSA communicate with parents through flyers, notes in the MVE monthly newsletter, Friday folders, and the MVSA website (http://mvsa-fremont.org/).

Busy Beaver Fundraiser

This is our fall fundraiser for the school. Committee members create posters and post around campus, print flyers and coordinate with the office to place flyers in Friday folders, and otherwise work with the MVSA executive board to maximize participation and donations.


This is our spring fundraiser for the school, and usually happens around the end of April. Students raise money for the school by asking family and friends to sponsor them for running around the 1/4 mile track. K-3rd graders will run for 20 minutes and 4th-5th graders will run for 30 minutes. They will receive lap marks every 1/8th mile.

Volunteer Recruitment for one-day events

Help recruit volunteers or serve as a volunteer for one-day events such as Picture Days, Book Fair, Disaster preparedness, Kids Against Hunger, taking photos during special events, etc.

Cook’s Night Out

This event is to bring the community together to enjoy eating out while also helping the MVSA. It might be dinner at a quick-serve restaurant like Panda Express or Chipotle, with a percentage of the proceeds benefiting MVSA. We could also arrange for food trucks at on-campus events like Back-to-School night and Open House.

If the budget allows, MVSA could sponsor an end-of-year ice cream truck with free ice cream for students and teachers.

December Toy Drive

The chair has to coordinate with Tri-City Volunteers, which will deliver the donation bins and take away the bins. Will also need to coordinate with the front office to advertise the toy drive through emails, posted fliers, and Friday folders.

Family Fun Night

This committee organizes fun social events for MVE parents and students to come together and build community. Possibilities include movie nights, game nights, family science night, potlucks, etc. Events typically occur in the multi-use room (MUR) on campus.

Green Team

We have a lovely garden near the MUR/staff parking lot and this year we grew pumpkins, tomatoes, flowers, and herbs. We proved we can sustain the garden beds through summer, but there is a lot more to do as we aim for green campus. We also plan to join K-12 FUSD School Garden Network.

Halloween Parade Support

Help the school make Halloween special for the students! Students and teachers will dress in costume for the Halloween parade. MVSA will set up decorations, prepare candy-free goodie bags, and take photos and video to post online for parents.

Multi-Cultural Festival

In the past, there have been separate celebrations for Diwali and Lunar New Year, which occurred after school hours. This committee may wish to organize a single multi-cultural celebration, or perhaps smaller events around specific holidays. For example, MVSA could work with teachers to provide students with a fun take-home activity related to specific holidays.

Teacher and Staff Appreciation

The teacher and staff appreciation committee organizes events for Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week (first full week of May) such as:

- Flowering plants on Monday

- Thank you cards on Tuesday

- Bagels and Coffee on Wednesday

- Posters on Thursday

- Luncheon on Friday

ACSL – American Computer Science League

American Computer Science League (ACSL) organizes computer programming and computer science contests for K-12 schools, organizations and local groups. The 2022-2023 school year will be our 45th year of continuous operation! Last year, over 700 teams in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia participated.

MVSA is proud to bring this to our students this year.

Math Olympiad

MOEMS® was established in 1979 and is one of the most influential and fun-filled math competition programs in the United States and throughout the world, with over 120,000 students from every state and 39 countries participating. The objectives of MOEMS®are to teach multiple strategies for out-of-the-box problem solving, develop mathematical flexibility in solving those problems, and foster mathematical creativity and ingenuity.

MVSA coordinates this event by helping to form teams, provide test materials and facilitate the test taking in the school campus.

Science Olympiad

Founded in 1984, Science Olympiad is the premier team STEM competition in the nation, providing standards-based challenges to 5,500 teams at 400 tournaments in all 50 states.

MVSA helps coordinate this event for the school.

Scripps Spelling Bee

Scripps Spelling Bee

5th Grade Pool Party

We are looking for someone to chair this event.

5th Grade Promotion Ceremony & Party

We are looking for someone to chair this event.

5th Grade Science Camp

We are looking for someone to chair this event. Communicate with 5th grade families to raise funds for 5th Grade Science Camp Week.

Konstella Test Group

This is the group to test Konstella.

Safety Committee

MVSA Safety Committee will work very closely with the MVE Safety Committee that is setup by MVE administration staff. This committee will serve as a representative of the parents. We will be providing volunteer support and any funding support that might be needed to employ safety measures or instruments in the school to ensure safety for all our kids.

Yearbook Committee

Yearbook committee is to collect pictures throughout the school years, verify the class portraits, make yearbook pages, manage the yearbook sales and distribute the yearbooks. We need a Chair to make the work plan and communicate with the school and the vendor for yearbook issues. We need 7 co-chairs to help with the detailed tasks.


Chair: sign the yearbook contract, make work plan, manage the co-chairs, communicate with the school and vendor for yearbook issues, manage the yearbook design and the sales

- 1 Co-chair for event pictures

- 1 Co-chair for student group pictures

- 1 Co-chairs for yearbook sales and distributions

- 4 Co-chairs for class portrait verifications

All the co-chairs need to help make at least 6 yearbook pages